Saturday, December 22, 2007

Poems for Sara

DH's grandfather wrote the following poems for Sara...

Sweet were our dreams for you
And sweet are our dreams of you.
You will forever be in our heart.
Our anticipation from the start
Underestimated the effect of you.

As we etch your memory in our mind
We are so pleased at what we find:
A child we love, and always will,
A love that stays on with us still
Which helps think of others - kind.

Remembering our plans for you,
We know God will make them true.
The joy we shared while you were here
Will help us keep you ever dear
And in our plans that's true.

As time passes slowly by us
We take time to make a fuss,
To plant a tree or pick a cause,
To have a prayer or just a pause
To think about your time with us.

(Written Sept. 30, 2007, 2 days before Sara's birthday)

From Mourning to Morning
A year of mourning now has passed
We find the morning here at last
Enter new life and save the past
In our hearts and memories cast
Deeply within us as a mast
With sails that push to outlast
Our feelings of sorrow or downcast
To bring back the joy you brought
At last.
(written Oct. 4, 2007, 2 days after Sara's birthday, 7 days before her brother Ethan was born.)

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Monica H said...

Thanks for sharing them with us. They are beautiful. What a special keepsake to have.