Thursday, August 13, 2009


Whenever I look at a digital clock at 10:02, I think "Sara's birthdate." Anyone else do that?

I can't believe it's almost 3 years since I lost my Sara. I don't know what to do to honor her this year. Of course DH & I will spend some quiet time on her day and then we'll have dinner with my family, release balloons, have cupcakes. But I don't know if I want to do anything "public". Last year I sent packets of seeds to family & friends, I got a good response to those. I know I'll be hurt if people don't respond like I expect, I don't want to be let down.

Later this month I have my high school class reunion - 17 years. Yeah, I know traditionally people have reunions every 5 or 10 years. We missed the 10 year, had an 11 year, so I guess 17 is appropriate. At my 11th, DH & I had just started dating, so he didn't attend with me. I don't know who knows about Sara. I know for certain maybe half of my class knows - either I am still friends with them or they still have contacts in our little hometown. I'm nervous about going, I'm not the girl that they went to high school with. But I want to see some of my old classmates, so I'll go along with DH & Ethan.