Monday, December 14, 2009

Toys and Donations

Since Halloween, the toy manufacturers, as always, have increased the number of commercials they show, especially on the kid channels. Thankfully, Ethan isn't sucked into them yet. One day during a B@rbie commercial, I thought to myself , "Good lord, that's a lot of little pieces. I'm glad, I don't have to put up with all the girlie toys." But I knew as soon as I thought it that I would love to play B@rbies with my little Sara.

Several weeks ago, we received a letter asking for donations to S+. Jude'z Research Hospital. The letter has a postscript. "I hope that your own family never suffers the tragedy of losing a child to an incurable disease."

It stung a bit. Don't try to guilt me into giving money. Yes, I think this is a good cause to give to, but I have chosen other equally important causes to give to, causes that don't make me want to slug Marlo Thomas.

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Monica H said...

I'll hold her while you slug her. hee hee.