Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Loss on Reality TV

Last night I was flipping through the channels. I saw that Run'$ H0u$e was on. I have never watched this show, but I knew about it. I remembered hearing a few years ago that the wife lost a baby while they were filming the show. I didn't have a frame of reference except that I knew I had to have hear it before losing Sara, otherwise, I know I would have searched for it before. I wasn't sure when I had heard it though - either before being pregnant or in the early months of being pregnant with Sara.

I clicked on the info button, the description said that the family was awaiting the arrival of a new member. It aired in 2007. Sara died in Oct 2006, so I figured it was a subsequent child. I watched. The mother was 9 month pregnant, the family was in good spirits. Run & his wife joked about where to go to eat. She only wanted H00ter's wings, he felt that it was inappropriate for him, as a reverend, to go there. The screen went black, I thought they were going to commercial. I glanced down at the magazine in my lap. The TV was quiet, so I looked up. On the screen were the words (paraphrased)"Her water broke that night and they went to the hospital. The baby died at birth."

It was THE episode! I started bawling immediately. Like my own loss, it was so unexpected. They were just joking about going to H00ter's and now the baby was gone.

I believe the rest of the episode was rehearsed and edited because it was such a personal and tragic event. The young children come into the hospital asking if it was a girl or a boy. The mother tells them that it was a girl, that she was sick and didn't make it. The boys seemed shocked, but they didn't cry.

Overall I thought they handled the episode well, they maintained privacy but yet gave the audience small glimpses of their sadness.

The episode was dedicated to Baby Victoria - September 26, 2006. She died six days before my Sara! I must have been so caught up in my own excitement of my daughter being born soon that I didn't completely register what happened. I had heard the news through a gossipy message board - probably from people who actually followed the show, although the episode didn't air until months later.

If you're interested in reading the full summary of this episode or watching it, go here.


Monica H said...

Sam and I watched that show and that particular episode when it originally aired. It was sad and I remember crying too, but I was also a little saddened by the fact that it didn't seem as real as "we" experienced it. But I know they cut a lot of what happened out for privacy sake.

I'm sure (I KNOW) it's much more difficult and tragic and sad than they ever showed it to be. After that episode I wanted to learn more about it. I wanted to know what happened and how they were handling it and they never talked about it again on air. I wish they would have.

They did go on to adopt another baby girl.

Kristi said...

Yes, I agree, not the strong emotions that I felt either. I too hoped that they would show more the other episodes.

I wondered about the 'new' baby that was shown in the promo pictures. Thanks for clearing that up.