Monday, June 6, 2011

More Good-byes

I'm heart-broken. I found out a few hours ago that my cousin lost her twins at 16 weeks.

Several years ago, she was married, they were not able to get pregnant. Eventually they divorced, there were other issues. She got married again a couple of years ago. They went through fertility treatments to get pregnant, resulting in twins this spring. Those babies were so loved and wanted from day one.

I am so sad for them.

6/7 Edited to Add: I went to buy a card today. Just being in the sympathy card section made me so aware of our losses. I picked up a few other little things. The total: $10.02 -10/02 Sara's birthdate. I started tearing up, these lost babies will always be a part of our lives.


Ya Chun said...

On no! I hope she finds some support, and if the blogging works for her then I suppose a 'welcome' is in order. Not a club we want anyone to join. It's so sad.

You know, I never found the sympathy cards section to have cards really great for us. So many refer to 'you'll always have the memories' or 'they touvhed your life' blah blah, but when a baby never had a chance to give you a smile, what memories do you really have?

Kristi said...

I agree, it's hard to find appropriate cards. I found one that read " thinking of you at this difficult time" and "hoping she find peace and comfort in the days ahead.". Of course, I wrote my own message to her as well.

I always hate that in the sympathy section, they have "for loss of pet" near the "for loss of baby". Just seems to trivialize it.

I got your message. We live in the southeast region of the state, not really close. : (

Monica H said...

I am so very sorry to be reading this. My heart breaks for her. I really have no other words, I just wish I could give her a hug and asure her everything will be okay, but you and I both know what a journey it is.