Saturday, January 31, 2009

On My Mind

Ethan's been sick this week. It's funny how I got used to "my time" while he was at day care. Today he's feeling much better and I'm not feeling so overwhelmed & frustrated.

One of the local churches has a sign outside, currently it reads " A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." Really?? Then what is God's opinion when a baby dies unexpectedly? Or worse when the parents kill the baby?

When my class finishes the lecture early we talk about current events. This past week one of the students brought up a case going on in the Galveston area. The parents abused the 2 year old girl & she died. My student's father is in law enforcement & has been very involved. So we discussed it a bit. The discussion started getting more & more gruesome. It makes me sad. Why did these people even get to have a child if they were going to abuse & kill her?? So I asked the class to change the subject, that it was upsetting to me. (They don't know about Sara.) Another student who is much older than the rest of the class & has 3 grown children pipes up, " Yes, it's upsetting to me too, I have children." Whatever.


Monica H said...

Maybe that is the church's opinion on what God's opinion is. Obviously.

I understand being upset by that news, but I don't undertand your older students' reaction. I'd understand if she had younger children or if her grandchildren were being abused??? I like how some people make everything about them.

Kristi said...

Exactly! Even in a previous class, she was making comments just to participate - not necessarily relevent to the topic.

From the standpoint that it upset her for being a mother, anyone could say that it upsets them because they were 2 once.