Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Roses & Such

We gave my parents a digital frame for Christmas & put pictures of our families on it. I thought about putting a picture of Sara on it. My mother displays Sara's footprints. I don't push her to display Sara's picture. I figured I could always add something later. A few days ago, I was at my parents' house. I watched the pictures scroll through. My younger sister included this picture of a pink rose with a sprinkling of snowflakes. I started tearing up, I was so happy that she included that photo. It was taken in her yard the day we had an unexpected snowfall in early December. It is beautiful.

DH & I decided to put Ethan in day care part-time. I'm only teaching part-time, but my class is requiring more on-line assignments, so I'll have to be on the computer more - which is hard to do with Ethan around. So rather than just getting a babysitter to come in while I'm actually teaching, Ethan will go to day care on Tuesday/Thursday. This will also allow me to do things for me - lunch with friends, working on projects, etc...Today I took Ethan to see his classroom. He seemed excited by the playground. The name of his class? Butterflies. Of course.

I'm saddened by John Travolta's loss of his son Jett. I think it makes people realize that no matter how rich or famous someone this, they too can be struck with a tragedy.


Monica H said...

That rose is so pretty- it doesn't look real. The only snow pics I have are of weeds :-)

I hope Ethan has fun in his Butterfly class!

Ya Chun said...

hopefully you can squeeze in some yoga or exercise on those days too! you deserve it.

Lori said...

So, you'll have to keep us informed on how he's adjusting. Are you a nervous wreck?

Kristi said...

Today is his 3rd day. He woke up too early this morning, he would let me rock him, but he wouldn't go back to sleep. We're both cranky this morning. He cried as I left his classroom. That hurts. I know it may take a few weeks to adjust.