Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Spring brings new change and our lives are changing - it's good stuff. I got a full-time job. I've been teaching part-time at the local community college. But I haven't been very happy with it. My new job is in the admissions office of the college. I'll finish teaching (it's just one afternoon a week)this semester, but that's it.

So far, I'm enjoying the job, just learning all of the systems. My co-workers are nice. There are perks - 4 day work weeks during the summer, school holidays plus vacations.

On my first day, I met with my 2 direct supervisors. We talked about my responsibilities, upcoming projects & events, etc...They mentioned that they like to keep it light & fun in the office. They said for birthdays they'll have small parties - cake, snacks. They asked when was my birthday. Uh oh. I've only worked part-time since Sara died and have been able to avoid working on our birthday. I told them "October 2" but I got choked up. I told them that I didn't like to celebrate my birthday. I'm sure they thought that was odd. I was able to say "My daughter died on my birthday." They didn't ask any questions. I was OK with that.

So far I haven't said anything to my other co-workers about Sara. This year my birthday falls on a Saturday. So I'll have the actual day off. Maybe I'll tell them about her at our Monday morning meeting the week before. I'll just see how I'm feeling at that time.

Ethan has started going to day care full-time now & adjusted well. We've been happy with the current school, but we really liked another church day school in town. They didn't offer a part-time plan so it wasn't available before. Now that we need full-time care, we looked into switching. Thankfully they had an opening for Ethan's age group. It's a newer building, bigger playground, lots of activities. Ethan's cousin attends this day school, they'll see each on the playground. They also served a hot lunch. I've been packing lunch for Ethan. When I was working part-time it wasn't such a big deal. But now since I'm full-time, I'd prefer to spend time with Ethan & DH rather than finding to a decent meal to pack.

One of the local attraction is an antique carousel. It's only open for special events or if it's rented for private parties. It was open during spring Break. Ethan & I had a picnic at the park with my sister & her 2 sons and then the boys rode the carousel.


Monica H said...

Such a sweet picture!

Congrats on your new job. I hope it's everything you're looking for.

Happy Easter!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe that you lost your baby girl on your birthday. I also gave birth to my stillborn daughter Chloe at 36weeks on June 7th this year, also my birthday.

Kristi said...

Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear that. At some times, it feels like it doesn't matter that my Sara died on my birthday, she's gone regardless of the day it happened. But birthdays should be happy, at least content. Instead there are so many mixed emotions, happy not being in the top 10. Bittersweet is the most positive emotion I feel that day.

Sarah said...

In many ways I actually feel honoured to share my birthday with her. I was just so astounded that we have such similar stories. Chloe died from a umbilical cord accident also. I've been saying bittersweet a lot lately. It's been nice to read your blog from the other side of the world (Australia). Thank you

Kristi said...

Do you have a blog? Email me if you want to chat more.