Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Tuesday, I was emotional (see previous post), but I was going to run some errands & take care of things before heading out of town Wednesday. I was going to a fast food restaurant drive-thru for a quick lunch. As I drove through the parking lot, a woman backed into me. I saw it coming, blew my horn at her, but yet she hit my vehicle. My 1st thought of course was Ethan, was he OK? He was, he slept through it. She hit both the front & rear passenger doors, Ethan was on the drivers side (and will be moved to the center from now on.) I totally freaked out. I was angry at this woman for scaring the hell out of me, for adding more stress to the holidays, but I was able to remain calm enough to not touch her. Wednesday we dropped off my vehicle to be repaired & then went to get a rental - there were 3 to choose from, thankfully 1 was the size we needed to travel with lots of baby gear in the cold & rain - no open truck beds for storage!

Ethan did well for his first road trip, slept most of the time. I only had to breast-feed him in parking lots twice. He got to meet Santa on Friday morning. No I wasn't crazy,taking him to the mall on Black Friday. DH's grandfather has connections & Santa stopped by to see all of the great-grandchildren at their house.

We ate too much.

As much as I love all of our nieces & nephews, being stuck in the house with them (due to the cold & rain)was stressful. Sweethearts one minute, little heathens the next. DH had the pleasure of giving our 4 y.o. nephew a bath. During the bath, he asked DH what kinds toys he had when he was little. DH mentioned & The next day, another relative asked our nephew what he wanted for Christmas - Sta.r & DH is adored by this nephew. I think the feeling is mutual when he's not being a heathen.

We received several ornaments for Sara's tree. I hope to finish decorating her tree today, will post pix later.


Lori said...

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. Sad to hear about your "incident". Some people just don't pay attention!

How lucky that Santa came to you! Talk about connections! Can't wait to see pics of Sara's tree.

Monica H said...

Can't wait to see the pics!