Friday, January 25, 2008

Back in college, a good friend of mine got pregnant & so married her boyfriend. 10 years later, they're still together and have 2 children.

The situation inspired me to write a short story about a young couple in college, the girl gets pregnant, they get married but they lose the baby. What would happen to their relationship without the baby? I never actually wrote the story, it's been rolling around in my head for these 10 years. One thing that kept me from writing it was how could the baby die? One of my aunts lost a baby at full term, but that was in the early 70's, surely there were advances in medicine since then to prevent babies from dying. Back in college I didn't know anyone else who lost a baby. I was aware of miscarriages in the first few weeks, but for my story to work, the baby had to be carried for full term.

Sadly now I know too many ways for a baby to die. I find new blogs every few days, written by grieving parents trying to find their way. My heart aches for every baby that dies, for the parents feeling so lost, so isolated, so heartbroken.

I can't write that story now. I'm in a different place now and the story would have a different feel. I couldn't 'wish' a stillbirth on anyone, even fictional characters.


Monica H said...

I hear ya. But I think until you do write it, whether it's the way you thought it would turn out or even if it has a different feel, that story will always be in your head.

Monica said...

I agree. I couldn't read the story either. In fact I'm having a hard time reading all the new angel mama blogs being added to the directory. It just hurts too much.