Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Today is DH's 33rd birthday & Ethan is 3 months old. Yes, we chose Ethan & DH to share a birthdate - the 11th. Ethan & I share our birth month - October.

Ethan is getting so big, he's discovering his toes & smiles more.

The other day, we all went to the office supply store. On the way, Ethan got really fussy. While DH went in the store, I stayed in the car to feed Ethan. I made a bet with Ethan - that DH would ask if he could buy some new computer software. If he didn't ask, Ethan would win & could have 2 blow-out diapersin 24 hours without me complaining, if he asked I would win & Ethan couldn't have any blow-outs in 24 hours. I lost, DH didn't even mention software, Ethan had 2 blow-outs the next day. I'm not making that bet again.

I've been working more than I'd like to, Ethan doesn't sleep well there & then DH & I suffer b/c Ethan wails when he's so tired. More about that next time, I need to go do dishes & get ready for work.


Monica H said...

Happy Birthday Josh (and Ethan)! I hope you boys have a great day together :) Kristi have you used your new mixer? to make a birthday cake? (hint, hint)

I'm sorry you have been working so much. Give me a call if you want to spend a lazy day together.

Loric said...

Happy Birthday from Lori and Eric!! Now you and Eric are the same age. Old men!

Kristi said...

Yes, I did, I made some chocolate cupcakes from scratch for Josh to take to work.

Lori - Don't call them old - I'm older than Josh!

Lori said...

That posting was from Eric, not me! LOL!! And I didn't know you were older than just ratted yourself out!

I love reading about diaper much to look forward to!

Monica said...

HA!!! I think this story is funny because I do that kinda stuff too. Matthew is so predictable sometimes, especially with buying computer hardware. Too bad you lost.

Laura said...

Hi! I found your blog through Monica's. This is silly but I just had to say that my DH is turning 33 today (the 12th) and I had my little boy in October this year, too, on the 18th :)