Friday, February 1, 2008

Eye Doctor

Several days ago, another blogger Coggy wrote about going to the dentist after the loss of her son & I was reminded of my eye doctor appt a few weeks after losing Sara.

This was a new doctor for me, never meet him before. Of course I had to fill out the new patient paperwork & I think I had to mention that I recently was in the hospital. But I kept it together until I actually had my exam. The doctor asked when I had noticed a change in my vision. It was while I was pregnant with Sara. I started crying. The doctor gave me a tissue. I remember that it was the cheapest, roughest tissue. For an eye doctor, he didn't care what his patients put near their tear ducts. He was sympathetic, let me pull myself together and we finished the exam.

Of course I needed a new prescription. I looked through the frames on the displays, I kept coming back to one in particular - one of the cheapest & I thought they were cute. Then I noticed the name of the style on the earpiece - Sarah. I knew they were the pair for me.


Monica H said...

It was meant to be. Now she'll help you see too. I do not think this was a coincidence. Have I seen these glasses. Were they the ones you had on the other day?

Kristi said...

Yes, it's the pair I always wear. I had chills when I saw the name.

Monica said...

Dang it girl, you brought out the tears. Good thing I have some decent tissues. And you are right, WTH.. rough tissues?

BTW.. you gave me chills too with that.

Coggy said...

It's so hard isn't it when regular appointments are no longer regular appointments but things to get through. Conversations we really don't want to have.
How amazing that you found those glasses. I love finding ways like that to have Jacob with me every day.