Monday, July 21, 2008

How old are you now?

Yesterday we went to a family reunion. I was telling a story about another cousin Amy being mistaken for my mother; a stranger thought Amy & I were mother & daughter. I commented "She's like just 3 years older than me." My sister corrected me, Amy is more than 3 years older than me. OK Technically she is 4.5 years older, it's not I was thinking 3 years & she's really 15 years older. Amy's brother said, "Yeah Amy's going to be 40 this year." I said,"Oh is she that old?" Another relative, who is 40+(?) sarcastically said,"Thanks a lot." Then they were teasing me for sticking my foot in my mouth. But the thing is I have to truly remind myself how old I am. I 'think' I'm 32, like I'm stuck at 32. I'm 34. I didn't really 'celebrate' my 33rd or 34th bithdays. I know I've received cards and gifts for those birthdays, but Sara's death is ALWAYS the first thing I think of now for October 2. I remember DH's grandparents mailed a package to me for my 33rd birthday. My mother-in-law had to intercept it, take out the baby realted gifts and gave me the safe one.

So how old do YOU 'think' you are?


Michelle said...

I just turned 34, but my husband has to keep reminding me. I think I'll be 'stuck' at 32 for years to come - we lost our Lydia in May, my foggy birthday is in June.

So glad it's not just me. I feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes.

Monica H said...

This is funny, because I always think I'm older than I am. I always feel older than I am, but my grandma had to remind me that I had to grow up way before my time- and she's right. It's like I skipped my adoloescent years (starting at age 10) and went straight to being an adult. No fair.

At least when I'm old and gray, I may feel older, but I'll be younger. There's always a plus side.

Monica said...

Wow.. I feel the same way. About five years ago we started celebrating my birthday on August 27th instead of December 27th. Why.. well with Christmas and our anniversary (Jan. 2nd) it was getting expensive. So we moved my birthday to Aug. 27th. Well on Aug 27th, 2006 I did NOT celebrate my birthday for the same reason you didn't celebrate yours. Then last year I didn't celebrate it for sorta the same reason plus I didn't want to celebrate ANYTHING until I came home with a baby. So I feel about 32 also. Weird huh?

Kristi said...

I guess 32 is a good age to be stuck at, not as good as 25, but still good.

Lori said...

I am 32, but feel about 40 these days. Before losing Logan, I always felt younger. Tragedy sucks!

Heidi said...

I'm the geeser of the "group". I'm 37. Some days I feel like I'm 60 and some days I feel like I'm still in my 20's. It just depends on how the day is going. Bottom line, you're only as old as you feel...which largely depends on the day. You're right Lori, loss does suck and it took quite a few years (of innocence) off of us.

BTW--according to Wii Fitness, I'm only 35 :-)