Friday, August 29, 2008

New Patient Registration

Because we moved, I'm changing my gyno. I'm due for a annual exam soon. I choose a doctor in a larger city, not my small town. I'm a private person in some ways and prefer to be anonymous. I don't want to run into my gyno or her nurses at the grocery store.
I received the new patient forms in the mail today - general stuff, medical history & such. Of course they asked about pregnancies.
Have I ever been pregnant? How many times? How many living children do I have? How many miscarriages or abortions have I had? For each child born living, complete their birth information - weight, vaginal or C-section, etc... They didn't even ask about stillbirths. I'll write an explanation about Sara in the margins. It would come up anyway. Pregnant twice, 1 living child, no miscarriages or abortions, they'd want an explanation.

It just hurts, hurts that I have to explain, hurts that they didn't ask, like a stillbirth doesn't matter. Losing Sara was the reason we induced labor early with Ethan and they would probably ask about that. Hurts that I'm not normal.

It's almost been 2 years since we lost Sara and today a seemingly simple form from a doctor's office is bringing up a lot of pain.


Ya Chun said...

hurts every time I fill one of those out
maybe they just use deductive reasoning and have the logic that it hurts to put the question there?
hurts either way.

Monica H said...

I think they assume that the term "miscarriage" covers it- boy are they mistaken. If I remember correctly, on the new patient forms I filled out, it asked the same thing.

I'm sorry this has brought up a lot of emotions for you.

Heidi said...

when I completed the paperwork for Cameron at the pedi's office, they ask about m/c. I listed my m/c between Lucas and Cameron and then in the margins wrote "Stillbirth at 34 wks 6/15/06-Lucas". As I wrote it I told the nurse, I'm including his name because he's a part of my life.

My pedi asked about it because I told him for 9 months I worried something would happen to Cameron and now I have a whole new set of worries..I know too much to throw caution to the wind. I love my pedi...he's so compassionate and allowed me to talk about Lucas.

Monica H said...

Come on over- I have a pink rose for you.