Monday, August 25, 2008

Garage Sale

My sister has 2 little boys, so Ethan received a lot of their hand-me-downs. Together we have A LOT of baby stuff - clothes, car seats, swings, toys, maternity clothes. So we decided to have a garage sale. Neither plan to have any more children.

The boxes are taking over my guest bedroom, the bigger gear is stacking up in the garage. The garage sale isn't until September.

I was going through stuff, starting to price it. I reflected on buying some of the maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Sara, others I borrowed from my sister. I had given back my sister the shirt I was wearing the day we lost Sara. I didn't want to see it again. But I know it may pop up at the sale. Also I may see the dress I wore to my nephew's baptism. I was 7 months pregnant & borrowed a black, red & white dress. I wore that dress again to Sara's memorial service. I don't want those items back. They bring back such sadness. I can remember that sadness without an article of clothing to bring it back.

I went through clothes that Ethan has outgrown. I kept a few special pieces, pieces that I bought for Sara, but Ethan wore (just neutral stuff, no girly-pink stuff for my little man.), things to show Ethan's future wife when they are expecting. "Look how tiny he was!"

Don't worry, Sara's things are neatly packed in a storage tub and that is under the guest bed.

I'm organizer by trade and personality. I really get the idea that you don't need to keep things to remember. But there has been a little sadness going through these items which aren't needed in my life anymore. It's OK. I have Ethan in my house and Sara in my heart.


Monica H said...

If you don't want to see those particular items, can you tell your sister to call those items out and donate them.

It's hard getting rid of stuff, but I hope the profit makes up for it. Happy Garage Sale-ing!

lori said...

I feel your pain. I made Eric get rid of the shirt I was wearing when I lost Logan because I never wanted to see it again. I still have the shirt I was wearing from the last weekend he was alive inside of me. It's tough.
Hope your garage sale goes well. It gets crowded waiting for them. We're having one in October and I'm loaded down!

Kristi said...

I think I'll be OK seeing those items again, unless someone tries to offer me a quarter for each of them.

I also think part of it is just emotions of my baby Ethan growing up, you know normal stuff, not just because we lost Sara.

Ya Chun said...

I can't remember what outfit I was wearing when I found out Serenity died. I guess I don't put much stock into such things. I would guess that Triple S remembers.

Triple S saved the shirt that he was wearing during the delivery and when he held Serenity. He doesn't want it washed. It sits in a zipped bag. I ave no idea how to store it, or where.