Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Life Is Good"

My family took a little vacation to San Antonio for a few days. DH, Ethan & I went into a Life is Good store. They have some cute t-shirts, esp. the Monkey and Peanut . We didn't buy anything. I felt like if I bought a shirt with just the company's motto on it, I'd have to add a footnote. "Life is good. (Except that I miss my Sara everyday and will continue to do so. Please remember her.)"
Ethan flirted with the sales associate there and she gave him a balloon on a string. He was so delighted by this yellow balloon bouncing above him.

The next day we went to SeaWorld. DH & my father were in the front seat, my mother, Ethan & I were in the back seat. Ethan fell asleep on the drive to the park. He is so beautiful when he sleeps. I watched my mother watch him, she started to tear up. I reached across and rubbed her arm. "It's OK, we will always miss her."

Life IS good. (Except that I miss my Sara everyday and will continue to do so. Please remember her.)


Monica H said...

A perfect foot note. I will remember her.

YAY- you linked perfectly!

Monica said...

I will always remember her. Sounds like you had fun at seaworld. I'll call you tonight as soon as Andy goes to bed.

Heidi said...

Funny that you wrote about LIG. I used to look at those shirts and think of how cute they were too. I'd pick one up, ponder buying it, and put it back down as I thought to myself "if I wear that then everyone would assume I'm finally okay". Life is better, not good. As Cameron laid beside me asleep last night, I cried over memories going through my mind of Lucas. Hope Ethan had fun at Sea World.

Kristi said...

Heidi - Exactly! I think some people would think I'm "over it".

Ya Chun said...

I'm often surprised when these kind of thoughts pop into my head. Then I think, WTF? how can we 'be ok', how is 'life good' right now? I still appreciate the good things in my life, some perhaps more now than before, but life is not perfect without Serenity, and the thought always brings me back to reality.