Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beginnings and Endings

Today I received an email from a member of one of my old support groups, she & her family moved about the same time my family moved. She had a baby boy today - her baby after a loss, after numerous tries. I'm overjoyed for this family.

Today I also received an email from an old friend - her younger brother died today. About 12 years ago, when he was 12, he suddenly become very sick. The doctors belive it was a virus. G could barely talk; eating & swimming have been his only pleasures for the past 12 years. My heart aches for this family.

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Monica H said...

What a perfect title. It's hard to be joyous when you know others are hurting.

Luci's funeral is tomorrow morning. I'm sending flowers and a card with A. My heart breaks for them too.