Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This pisses me off.

Last week in a small town near me, a 18 year old boy shook his 2 month old son to death. That makes me so angry. I can handle pregnant women(as long as they don't take their babies for granted) but people who abuse and kill their own children need to be beaten within an inch of their own life. I would do anything to have a few more moments with Sara. But this idiot boy kills his son out of frustration. He was arrested on capital murder charges. I hope he's castrated, he shouldn't have more children. I know plenty of couples who would have loved to adopt a baby from some kids who weren't prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. Instead an innocent baby is dead.


Heidi said...

I feel the same way about that boy. When I heard it on the news I told my husband that that is why teenagers shouldn't have kids. What we would give to have our precious ones still here with us and these idiots are taking that life for granted. You don't want the baby, there are plenty of people (in his "neighborhood" alone) that would be willing to take that baby from them. I know it sounds harsh, but I hope that some day they both look back and realize what a loss they created out of their own selfishness.

Monica H said...

I heard that on the news last night and just felt so sad. I felt the same way you did Kristi. All I could think of is "why?"

And thanks again for the penguins :-)

Coggy said...

Stories like this have always upset me, now I find them unbearable. It makes me realize how unfair the universe really is.