Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New House

So we moved this weekend. We rented a moving truck. The website recommended a certain size for a 3 bedroom house, we have a 3 bedroom house, so that was the size we rented. Well....
We ended up filling that truck twice, plus a 16 foot flatbed trailer & a couple of smaller loads in pick-up trucks. UGH!! I really don't think we have that much, but some things are awkward & don't pack neatly into little boxes.

Our 'new' house is 100+ years old. I plan to do some research on it once we're settled. Previous owners updated the kitchen. There's lots of cabinets & I think everything will fit, just not where I would have liked to put it. For example, I like to keep my spices near the stove, so I can add them as I cook, but the cabinet closest to the stove is being used for coffee grounds/filters/mugs & the top shelf is very high. I'll probably rearrange everything after a few weeks of use.

Most of the house has the original hardwood floors - beautiful! But at night they creak. Spooky. The first 2 nights I could barely sleep - between being in a new place, Ethan up several times & the creaks, I couldn't relax. There's is still an old heating grate in the main hallway. It's uncomfortable to walk over barefoot (when I have to get up at night to check on Ethan), so we put a rug over it. It's a jute rug that the cat loves to scratch his claws on. So late at night, I heard this thumping noise. I peeked in the hall, the cat was scratching at the rug, the rug was picked up just a bit, but then dropped down on the hollow vent, which would echo. I hope I get used to these noises soon.

OK It's time to get ready for bed. Another busy day tomorrow. I miss my friends in A-town.


Monica H said...

I miss you too my love! Sam and I are already talking about visiting you so we can go get some ice cream :-) I hope you get settled in and the little spooky noises don't bother you so much in the future. I can't wait to see your new home. i hope you love it. I missed seeing Ethan (and you too)this past Tuesday. Take care!

Monica said...

You know, to me the creaking sounds romantic.. the sort of things you love about old houses. It so hard for me not to say you are the, "luckiest person in the world" because then you would not have lost Sara. But with Ethan, a loving husband, and a beautiful new "Old" house, that is wonderful. I can't wait to come visit. Invite me as soon as it would be good for you.

Kristi said...

The creaky boards only bother me late at night, when I know DH is asleep, Ethan can't walk - those noises better be the cat or the wind!!

Give me a few weeks & we'll be ready for guests, unpacking is taking longer with a 6 month old.

Oh yeah, the big ol' claw foot tub is wonderful for soaking. We've had dinner out on the deck a couple of nights, enjoying the cool evenings.

I know what you mean Monica, I feel very blessed to have DH, Ethan & our lifestyle, but I'll always miss Sara.

Lori said...

Glad to hear you got moved and are somewhat settling in. I love old houses, but I think all the creaking would keep me awake at first, too. And I totally know what you mean by not realizing how much "stuff" you have. I'm not looking forward to packing with a 2 month old!

Let us know when you're up for company. I'm like Monica, ice cream sounds great! LOL