Sunday, April 13, 2008

New House & Old House and Ethan's 6 months old

New House - We have trash pick-up twice a week. We can't put a trash can out, they'll take the can, the City wants the trash just in garbage bags. OK whatever, it's different.

Our mailbox is on the front porch. I know the mailman will freak me out one of these days.

There are still a bunch of boxes to be unpacked. I look forward to Ethan's naps so I can get some work done. I think the essentials are unpacked, just not put in their proper homes.

Old House - is still on the market. I'm so frustrated. I know our house is a nice little house for the price range it's in, but we have some trashy neighbors renting the house across the street & they are not helping us. We could do all sorts of repairs, but those people would still drive away potential buyers. UGH!! I hate this.

Ethan had his 6 month wellness check on Friday. My once little Peanut weighs 20lb, 7oz & is 27 inches long. I like his new pediatrician. He sat down & talked with me about Ethan's development, eating habits, etc...He's not the young hipster we had before our move, but I liked that I wasn't rushed out the door.

OK, I have to go unpack more.


Monica H said...

At my grandma's house, they have their mailbox next to their door and I got so used to it when I lived there. Then when we moved and we had to go around the block to get our mail, I missed it. When I visited my grandma last week, the mailman freaked me out.

The trash thing is a little odd. I hope they don't ever take your trash can! Are you just supposed to put your trash on the curb when you take it out? Or do you put it in the trash can then take it out ot put it on the curb on trash day? How odd.

Kristi said...

We have a large garbage can outside where we throw all the smaller bags. Then on trash pick-up days, we'll put those bags on the curb.

Monica said...

This makes me laugh because this is how it was when I grew up. Our mailbox was right next to the door and we always knew when the mailman came because the metal lid would clang when he dropped off the mail. And we had to put our trash out by the curb in bags, but then the city demanded we put it in the special tall paper bags that only the city sold. Boy, my dad cursed about that for years. Pics anytime soon??