Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy, busy

Monica tagged me - 10 things that are keeping me busy.

1. Trying to sell our old house. We'll be going back there tomorrow to repaint, mow...We live 2 hours away from our old house, so it's not like we can just swing by after work to do these chores. I just want it to sell soon.
2. I've also been reading Eat, Pray, Love; also bought it at I'm enjoying it, but I don't have much free time to read.
3. Setting up our new house. There's still a few boxes to unpack & sort everything out, trying to find places to display everything.
4. Choosing paint colors for the kitchen & laundry room.
5. Planning a family vacation - nothing big, just a few days in San Antonio later this summer with my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law & their kids.
6. Exploring my new town. I grew up in this area & I know the general things - the larger stores & things to do. But new stores & cafes have opened, just new things to discover. It's different being here as an adult vs. a child - my mother was very practical & doesn't like to just stroll, poking around in quaint little shops.
7. Trying to lose weight.
8. Trying to meet new friends.
9. Cooking/Baking - DH works at home now, so I make lunches for us. I don't want to get in a rut, just having sandwiches every day. Also I'm trying to make fruits & vegetables for Ethan - cook, puree, freeze.
10. Honoring Sara. Her pictures & other memorials are around the house. It'll be 2 years since she died before I know it.

OK, gotta get ready for bed.


Monica H said...

We're now miles apart and in different stages of our lives, but it seems we are currently doing a lot of the same things.

What part of the book are you on? I'm somewhere in the middle. I only read it when I am taking care of LD and he naps. It gives me something to do :-)

What colors are you thinking of painting the kitchen and laundry room?

Kristi said...

I'm still reading the Italy part. I really like it, I try to read a little at night if Ethan goes to bed at a reasonable hour.

I think I want to paint the kitchen yellow - but a lighter yellow than our last kitchen. The countertops are beige & terra cotta tiles, the nook which faces the kitchen is terra cotta, so I think the yellow needs to be orange-yellow. The laundry room is a separate room, so I'm thinking a fun green.