Friday, October 5, 2007

Counting down the days...

Yesterday we had our last scheduled ultrasound/OB appts. I'm dilated 3 cm! Peanut is looking good - practicing his breathing, still has hair and he's big! They guestimate that he weighs 8 lb. 13 oz. I'm so glad we're inducing early, I couldn't wait until we're at 40 weeks - both for my anxiety & his size!

We discussed the possibility of having a C-section - if I don't progress quickly enough, if Peanut's big shoulders get stuck,etc... DH & I are both OK with the idea of having a C-section - whatever we have to do to have a healthy, live baby. I'd prefer to deliver vaginally just for recovery issues, but oh well.

This morning we were watching the news - next Thursday is now in the forecast - it's predicted to be in the low 90's on the day our son is delivered. It's just wild to think how close we are to having our son. These next few days are going to drag. We have a few things to do to pass the time - work, football (Go Soo.ners!), cleaning/preparing the nursery. I have a baby shower to go to - the baby's already here, we meet the couple at our support group. I'll get a pedicure this weekend.

I think our cat is acting out, knowing that his life is about to change. He's our only pet & spoiled rotten. He likes to go outside & hang out on the porch. This morning when I let him back inside, there was a dead baby bird on the porch. Kitty hasn't brought home a dead animal in years. Bad Kitty! No Treats for you!

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