Sunday, October 21, 2007

What did I do before?

Ethan sleeps alot during the day. Between breastfeeding, pumping & diaper changes, I feel like I just have time to wash the dishes, maybe a load of laundry (because Ethan peed on his bedding), take a shower, help with meals( thaw previously frozen meals or simple meals), blogging once a week, write a couple of thank-you notes, then it's bedtime. How did I get everything done when I worked full-time or even part-time & very pregnant?

My mother is staying the week with us. Hopefully DH & I will get to have a date night.

DH & I took Ethan to a pumpkin patch last week.

I love Ethan so much. I think about Sara often, it's just bittersweet. I've cried for Sara while holding Ethan. While breastfeeding he often reaches up & grabs my necklace which has Sara's heart charm on it. His little fist is tightly wrapped around that heart.

OK Ethan's sleeping after a long nursing session, I'm gonna try to grab a nap.


Monica said...

I know what you mean about peeing on the bedding. If I'm not quick with the "blocker", Andy pees over everything. My favorite diaper change was when he had a very messy diaper. In the process of changing it he pooped twice, peed, then spit up. Let's just say that was a fifteen minute diaper change. I'm glad to hear he's getting sleep and you are too. And I totally get the bittersweet thing.

Monica H said...

You were able to get things done before because you weren't sleep deprived. Take your time getting things done, nothing is more important than being with Ethan right now. Thank you's can wait a little longer.

"His little fist is tightly wrapped around that heart." He knows what that heart means, he knows that's his sister.

How much for the little striped pumpkin?

Kristi said...

Little striped pumpkins are priceless!

Hennifer said...

It sounds like you are getting quite a bit done to me! Be easy on yourself. Enjoy your babymoon!

Lori said...

Well, I'm just right down the street if you need a date night! Hint, hint!!!

That pic is so precious! The pumpkins are bigger than he is.