Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Final Countdown

I'm one of those people who cleans the house before a vacation. I figure I'll have plenty of laundry to do when we get back home, junk mail to sort through, etc...So today I did a final touch-up around the house - nothing extreme - just swept, wiped down the kitchen & bath, we'll run the dishwasher tomorrow morning after breakfast & take out the trash before we leave.
But this time we're not going on a vacation. We're having a baby!! This will be the last night at home - just the 2 of us. The next time we step into our house, we'll have Peanut with us. (Well, I've been carrying him around for the last 38 weeks, but you know what I mean.) For the past few days, DH & I have been saying "This is the last time we (fill-in-the-blank) until Peanut's born.
It feels strange to know that tomorrow we'll be waiting for Peanut to be born. No more wondering "Is today's the day, will I go into early labor?"
I think we're all ready - our bag is packed, cameras charged, email list is set up, car seat installed. Now if only I can get some sleep.

We found out tonight that DH's mother is sick and won't be able to make it to the hospital tomorrow. We're all upset, it means so much to us to have our parents there as soon as possible. I ordered some flowers to be delivered to her house tomorrow. The card is addressed to 'Granny' & signed with Peanut's real name. It felt funny to type out his name that other people will see. DH's mother may find out Peanut's name before he's actually born depending on when the flowers are delivered vs. Peanut's delivery.

Oh yeah- anyone want a cat? DH discovered that our cat pooped in the nursery tonight. His litter box is clean, so I think he acting out. If the cat continues to poop in the nursery or other inappropriate behavior, he WILL be shipped off to live with my parents.

If there are no other posts from me within the next 8 hours, you'll know I was able to get some sleep or at least find some decent re-runs on TV. Otherwise, I'll be back, I don't know what I'll blog about.

Hoping for a wonderful Labor Day,


Monica H said...

Happy Labor Day, I'll see youlater :)

Monica H said...

Only a few more hours...

Monica said...

Oh I'm so excited for you and Josh!! My cat has been acting weird since we brought Andy home, but luckily she hasn't used the restroom outside her litter box. She has sniffed the "hairless cat".. that's what we think she thinks Andy is.

Eric said...

Hoe everything goes well for you and the baby today!! I'll be thinking about you and praying for a healthy delivery!!!

Kim said...

Hope all is well with you all and the new baby!