Saturday, October 27, 2007


My mother stayed the week with us. I know she really wanted to help out with Ethan. We had already spent the 1st week without any help & survived. It was nice to have her take over the early morning shift, so I could sleep, but other than that & some cleaning she did, there wasn't anything that we couldn't have handled alone.
My mother did comment on Ethan's feeding schedule - "Didn't he just eat?" "Well, 20 minutes ago & that was just for a few minutes before he dozed off." Seriously after losing Sara, feeding schedules are not important. Ethan is loved, clothed, clean, fed, safe & warm and ALIVE! I'm glad my mother went home. I felt like DH & I didn't joke around as much, not our silly selves. Plus I didn't want to rely on her too much b/c she lives 2 hours away - if I do need help right away, I'll call friends locally.
My father, sister, & 2 nephews came o pick up my mother/visit yesterday. CHAOS! My sister brought more hand-me-downs for Ethan, which we gladly accept, but the house is messier than I like during the transition. My nephews are cuties & generally well-behaved, our little house just felt even smaller & noisier.
So we're back to the 3 of us. And we couldn't be happier.


Monica H said...

I love when family visits, but I love it even more when they leave. I understand what you mean about not being able to act like yourself. It seems when family visits for any amount of time, you have to alter your natural schedule and that can get old real quick. I'm glad you 3 now have alone time!

Lori said...

My mom said she was going to come for 3 weeks after we have the baby! I'm sure I'll be ready to hang myself by then!

Just remember, if you need anything, I'm right down the street. If ya'll are up to it, Eric and I would like to visit this weekend.

Eric said...

I'm glad that you're back to "normal" now. I know we'll probably be in the same boat after our son is born. My mom and Lori's mom both want to come to help out when he is born. What is going to suck is that we only have a two bedroom room is my office since I work from home. That means that our bedroom is going to double as the nursery until we move out in June. It'll be interesting to see how life is with a full house in March. Their stays may have to be cut short once we realize that we are able to handle things by ourselves.

Kristi said...

Eric - you'll probably realize that you can handle it by yourselves by day 3!

We'd love for the 2 of you to visit this weekend. Email me directly & we can make plans.