Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Last Weekend

The last weekend before Peanut's born.

I kept busy today. I washed more of Peanut's clothes. Tomorrow I'll dust & vacuum the nursery so it's fresh when we have visitors.

I bought some new pillows for our bed. I figure that if we'll be getting less sleep, we should have nice pillows to get quality sleep.

I went to the card shop to buy a Christmas ornament for Sara's tree. This was my 3rd attempt. The 1st time I went was the 1st wave of releases of new ornaments. The particular ornament I was looking for was to be released in October. I had asked when in October & was told the 1st. So on the 2nd of October, DH & I stopped by the card shop, no it was being released the 1st weekend in October. So I went again today. At first I couldn't find it. I could understand selling out of Bar.bie ornaments or some other pop culture icon, but a memorial ornament?? An employee brought more out from back stock. I hated that the ornament I wanted was surrounded by "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments. Just another reminder of the unfairness of my life.

I got a pedicure - Electric Blue!!

I went by the grocery store to pick up things - fresh fruit & convienence foods to have on hand. I went to the restroom first. At the back of the stall was an empty box for feminine spray. How bad do you have to smell to buy feminine spray AND use it in the store??

This evening I got a text message - " R U getting wasted 2nite?" I laughed & wanted to reply - but what to say? I'm 37 weeks pregnant, no I'm not drinking tonight, maybe next Saturday dawg. Instead I just deleted it, it was a wrong number anyways.


mkv said...

Hey Kristi,

Thanks for your message. I've been at the same school for 9 years, so I knew Lara...she was an amazing girl with an amazing smile and laugh. Congratulations on the almost arrival of your baby! I'll be thinking about you this week.

Monica said...

HA! I SO would have answered that text message.

Girl, peanut is right around the corner. Let me give you some practical "assvice".

1. Get the lactation consultant right away.
2. When friends call and ask, "can I bring anything?" Say yes and ask them to bring you food!!!
3. Remember that you and Josh are a team and even if he says something stupid (not that Matthew did..ok, he did), don't get mad at him. He can't possibly know what sore nipples feel like and so he may say, "just be quiet and breast feed". Forgive him.
4. Take lots of pics. We somehow made it out with very few pics.. although we did record a lot.
5. Turn away visitors if you must. Sleep is elusvie.
6. Consider using the nightime nursery when you need sleep. That's what it is for.

I'm so excited for you and it has been wonderful to be a part of your journey.

Kristi said...

MKV - I didn't know Lara for very long - just a few months. My DH & her DH worked together & we would hang out. The week before her death, they were at our house for a little party. She told us that they were going to start trying to get pregnant soon.

When we lost Sara, I told her about Lara in heaven. I think Lara is taking care of my baby.