Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pot pies & cookies

Funny that, so far, my post that has received the most replies is about pot pies. I love to bake. I considered perfecting a cookie recipe & then eventually entering a baking contest. For a while once a week, I'd make a huge batch of cookies, keep some at home, send the rest to work with DH for his co-workers to taste-test. I got back a few responses critiquing my cookies - usually positive. It was a good way to past an afternoon - shopping for ingredients, baking, cleaning up, then sharing cookies & milk with DH. Maybe I'll whip up another batch before Peanut's born - Peanut Butter of course.


Monica H said...

Know what's funny? If youlook at my url (Still Hopeful) it says '' That just made me laugh :)

Monica said...

I think I must be defective or deformed or something because I never want to bake cookies. Now I do like to eat cookies. In fact I'm damn good at it. I must have suffered some childhood tragedy during baking and I can't remember what happened but it left me with an aversion to baking. Or it could be laziness. Not sure. I'm going with the former because it makes a better story. But boy do warm cookies taste good. Mmmmm. Monica H., what's so funny about ""? What is that supposed to mean? (I wish you could see the look on my face)... HAHAHAHA!!!!

Kristi said...

Monica H. - re:recipe from coo.king - it probably wasn't much lighter than if I had used my regular recipe, substituting low-fat cream of chicken soup. They have some really good low-fat versions of other recipes though.

Monica C. - what about those cut & bake cookies??

Just to let y'all know - the 2 of you have lost your identities in our house - y'all are The Monicas, as in "yes The Monicas will be there tonight." It reminds me of school - there were 3 Kristi's in my class - K- 5th grade, then 2 more added in jr. high - high school. Only 2 of us spelled it the same way, I was Kristi S. for years.

Monica H said...

"The Monicas" We should be in some kind of circus show and take our act on the road. Kristi, gather your friends and maybe you could get your show up and running too :)