Monday, September 10, 2007

Stupid Surveys

I hate those stupid surveys that friends send out - the mass emails or MySpace bulletins. There's always a couple of questions that I don't want to answer. The previous replies were funny or serious but something everyone could relate to. How do you answer that the thing you miss the most is your daughter right after answering that your favorite mixed drink is a dirty martini?? Should I play along and say that I miss McDonald's McRib Sandwich? ( I don't, but that's the crap people want to see to get a chuckle.)
The most recent survey I got included some of the following questions, I'll answer here for you:
Your Fears? That something will happen to Peanut.
One of your Wish List Items? To hear Peanut cry.
Your Life? Is blessed in many ways, but there will always be a place for Sara.
Your Mood? Excited & Anxious
Missing? My daughter Sara Elizabeth everyday
What are you thinking about right now? Sara & Peanut
Last time you cried? As I write this.

Maybe people will quit sending them to me if I either ignore them or answer them brutally honestly.


Monica H said...


Monica said...

I say one day we ought to answer people truthfully. It will be nice to hear the silence. But what if it backfirs and they ask us a bunch of stupid questions...

Hate to say, but I used to love McRib sandwiches. Matthew's brother is addicted to them. He eats them for as long as they sell them.

Kristi said...

Monica C. - I SHOULD honestly answer at least one of those surveys, maybe my sister would quit sending out the mass emails then. I could handle a stupid question if they simply wanted to be more informed about my situation. I think that's part of what I'm afraid of - if I were to answer their surveys, they read about my fears & then jump to the conclusion that I'm depressed because they haven't heard these concerns from me before. No, not depressed, but Sara & Peanut are on my mind a lot, esp. as we get closer to Sara's birthday & Peanut due date.

I can't even remember the last time I ate a Mc.Rib - I don't know where that came from...