Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I usually don't like to use the term Miscellaneous - too broad - but this is just random things that happened lately that I wanted to share.

Sunday while in my hometown, DH & I had lunch with our friend B. & her husband. Although they saw many people they knew, I didn't recognize anyone. Last year at this time, I wouldn't have thought to suggest getting together for lunch w/B., we knew each other, but weren't exactly friends. Now we're bound together by our shared losses. B. gave me a Will.ow Tre.e figurine - "Cherish", it's perfect, a pregnant woman rubbing her belly. I cherish both of my pregnancies. I put it on a shelf near our bed.

This morning I was putting away a new bag of cat food. It's a 7 lb. bag - roughly what Peanut weighs. I suggested to DH that he tied the bag to his stomach for the day to get a better understanding of what I was feeling. Of course the cat food wouldn't kick him in the ribs or dance on his bladder.

I'm reading an interesting book, well interesting to me - "The Profess.or & The Mad.man " Back in the1850, the Ox.ford Eng.lish Diction.ary was started. Many people contributed quotes to further explain definitions. One man Dr. Minor made contributions for 20 years. The editor, Prof. Murray, continued to ask him to meet in person. Turns out, Dr. Minor was a criminal lunatic at an asylum! It also made me think about the idea of putting together a dictionary. Now with computers & the internet, we can easily gather & store information, edit changes. But when dictionaries were first considered, spellings differed from region to region, definitions even varied. OK I'll just start rambling soon, so I'll quit.


Monica said...

Oh you should have rambled more.. those are my favorite kinds of posts. Just the flotsam and jetsam of the mind. I love Willow Tree, but Monica H. put me in a support group for it so I can't buy anymore! LOL! It's true, the cat food bag wouldn't kick back, but all the cats that Josh would attract to his belly would provide a similar feeling. BTW.. what a funny image! That book sounds interesting. I need something to keep me sane for the next few days. I should be entering my grades on my laptop at home, but that is no fun. Oh, I fell asleep at my prenatal massage today and woke up drooling. I only pray I didn't fart in my sleep. Not that I've ever done that.. ;0

Kristi said...

of course not, you're too much of a lady to do that!

I had a bad dream early this morning. I dreamed that I started my period & I thought "wow, it's been a while since I had a period." Then I realized I'm still pregnant, if I'm bleeding, there's something wrong with Peanut. I woke myself up & made Peanut kick, he's been kicking/squirming on a regular basis today, but I'm still on edge. Thankfully we have dr. appts today!