Saturday, September 29, 2007


Why do birth control & feminine product ads still act like having your period is a curse? Like you're a leper? Like you have to hide at home or wear shapeless baggy clothes? I get that periods suck. I used to get horrible cramps - so bad, I would vomit. Obviously I stayed home those days. But for the most part, I didn't change my plans because of my period. There's an ad currently for some birth control that will shorten your period. One of the girls comments "So I could be at the beach now?" Is she afraid that her super absorbent tampon is going to suck up the ocean? Yes, you can go to the beach while on your period. You can wear a swimsuit! (I wouldn't advise with a maxi-pad, but that's up to you.) As long as there are bathroom facilties near by, what's the big deal?


Monica H said...

I don't think she thought she was going to suck up the ocean, but that she would attract sharks instead :) That's often a huge fear of mine. HaHa

Kristi said...

Ahh a shark attack - that would make more sense. I'd be afraid to go in the water then too.

Monica said...

Oh I just love this post!!! LMAO!!!! When I was a little girl I used up an entire box of my mothers tampons playing with them in the bathroom sink. But yeah, those are dorking commercials. One time I was offshore fishing and I caught a shark. I didn't want a shark I wanted red snapper because that tastes good. So someone else on the boat took the shark. I always worry that now I will be attacked by a shark. Oh and alligators too because I went on this swamp tour in Louisiana and ate some gator balls. Not testicles, but fried gator. Now I always think that some alligator will get me. Back to original post, I worry about those pills because I think they have too much hormones. I always worry about getting a stroke while on the pill.