Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not What I Expected

I chose this title for my blog because after re-reading through my journal - I realized Iused that phrase often - Christmas 2006 was not what I expected, New Year's was not what I expected, every day after my daughter was delivered was not what I expected.

I often lurk, sometimes post on a local message board. Some of the women know my story, I go there to vent, but most can't relate. They have a weekly pregnancy check-in along with a question of the week relating to the pregnancy. This week's question: What will be the biggest change for you once the baby arrives? I can't answer there. All the other women with their innocent answers - change in sleep patterns & schedules seem to be the biggest concern. My biggest change - actually having a baby at home after being pregnant for nearly 18 months.
I sleep too much as it is, I'll gladly survive on caffeine & sugar highs, if that what it takes.


Monica H said...

I am the first to leave a comment on your new blog. Yeah!

I completely understand when you say you'll gladly survive on caffeine and sugar highs. I was not pregnant for 18 months, but for 34 weeks and I would endure morning sickness, swollen ankles, no sleep and heartburn everyday of my life if only the boys would come back to me. Some peoples' concerns are different and somewhat naive because the thought of not bringing their baby home has never crossed their mind. It is a reality for us, unfortunately. I pray you will bring Peanut home and have to live off caffeine. I'll be there to supply the Kona coffee!

Monica said...

Ditto on Monica H.! I finally broke down and left a snarky comment on Babycenter. I hate that site. Well I had been pretty good about not even going, but I had a weak moment and found myself there (notice the passive voice..as if I take no responsibility for going there). There was a thread about how moms were going to try to "speed things up" around 35-36 weeks by trying some home remedies/folk medicine to induce labor. I'm sure I pissed everyone off when I posted that, "if I can be pregnant 18 months and not feel the need to do these things, you can wait 9 mos." That was my holier than thou moment of the day. Well, actually it was like the fourth one. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow at the March of Dimes thingie!

Kristi said...

Monica C. - I would totally love to read the responses to that! I have to bite my tongue, only b/c it is a local board, I've meet some of those women IRL. But yeah, when they complain how they can't do certain things or their newborns are crying so much, haven't showered in X days, I get pissed. Gimme a break.