Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Passage of Time

I lost Sara 11 months ago - 11 damn months! Where has time gone? 11 months ago I was afraid of what my world would become. Those first few days, weeks I cried so much, would I ever be able to function normally again? DH & I returned to work a few weeks after losing Sara - full-time for him, part-time for me. That helped - just getting out of the house.

11 Months - I couldn't even consider what my future held 11 months ago, now I'm just weeks away from delivering our son. Life goes on.It's funny how one event can feel like it was so long ago & just yesterday at the same time.
I'll always remember Sara - that's the important thing to me - to have our families & friends remember our first daughter - 11 months later, 3 years later, 15 years later.
I love you Sweet Sara!

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Monica said...

You picked an excellent title for your blog. I found myself wanting to say, "yeah, it's not what I expected" either. And I agree, you will never forget Sara. I know this next month will be hard for you and Josh, but know that others are here if you need us.