Sunday, September 30, 2007

Greeting cards

Yesterday I wrote notes in 3 cards - 1 for Monica, her DH & Critter, 1 for my friend B. & her DH on the upcoming birth date of their daughter that they lost & 1 to put in a care package for a couple that will have a loss at our hospital eventually. (I don't know this couple & the loss hasn't occurred yet, DH & I decided to leave a care package for the inevitable.) I feel like this is our role in life now - celebrating a birth after a loss, remembering a loss at special times & lending support when another loss occurs.
I've also received a few greeting cards in the past few days. Sara & I share our birthday. It is HER day now, I can't "celebrate". Maybe once Peanut is born... 2 of our aunts sent birthday cards to me - both were sweet & to the point - "We're thinking of you at this time." I would be pissed if anyone sent a card with clowns & monkeys in costumes. The same aunts sent separate cards remembering Sara. I was so touched, just a simple gesture, but it means so much that people remember our Sara.

So now I'll be sending more greeting cards - thanking them for remembering Sara. (I think I'm keeping the Postal Service in business.)

10 more days until Peanut's born. (Today's half over & the 11th is his day)


Monica H said...

I think with the cards that you and I send out and receive we keep the postal service in operation. I make so many cards and send out a few every month. If I didn't make them myself, I would probably go broke at Hallmark. If only I could get a break on stamps...

Again, I think it's beautiful that you putting together a care package "for the inevitable". Have you gotten anything else to put inside?

Kristi said...

You should see the cards the women in Josh's family makes - I'm impressed & intimidated! We received so many cards when we lost Sara & then mailed out so many thanking people for thoughtful gifts, then with the MOD, I've mailed more cards than I did with our wedding & college graduation.

I included a grief book, a journal, a disposable camera & the molding kit. I read through he instructions for the kit - you have to mix the plaster in a bowl with water first, then pour it into the tray. So I included a plastic cup & wrote " For mixing plaster" on it. I'm too prepared.

DH said that he wanted to write a card from the father's perspective, so I bought one for him too. I have a wonderful husband!